Audi will officially stop making combustion engines

Like most automakers on the market, Audi is going electric. However, it looks like the Ingolstadt-based automaker will be saying farewell to the internal combustion engine (ICE) much sooner than we thought.

How soon? Well, the automaker seems to have moved up its timeline to shift to EVs. The automaker declared that it would make its last combustion engines by 2033. And no, the accelerated shift to electrification isn't because of bans on ICEs in Europe or everywhere else around the world. This is under Audi's own volition.

According to the new timeline, by 2026, the German marque will only launch new all-electric models on the global market. With that, no more new models with ICEs. However, cars powered by ICEs won't be removed from the product lineup just yet. Instead,  Audi will gradually phase out the production of ICEs until 2033. In the long run, the company aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

Audi will only produce EVs after 2033...except in China image

So yes, we only have a few more years left to enjoy an Audi powered by an internal combustion engine before they all go electric. Audi CEO Markus Duessman announced at the Berlin Climate Conference and says it is part of the brand's strategic realignment as it accelerates the transition to e-mobility.

"Audi is ready to make its decisive and powerful move into the electric age. Through our innovative strength, we offer individuals sustainable and carbon-neutral mobility options," said Duesmann. "I don’t believe in the success of bans. I believe in the success of technology and innovation. The exact timing of the combustion engine’s discontinuation at Audi will ultimately be decided by customers and legislation"

Audi will only produce EVs after 2033...except in China image

There is a place, however, where Audi models powered by ICEs will continue beyond 2033 – China. According to Duesmann, the company excepts to see continued demand in China even beyond the said year. As such, there could be a supply of vehicles in the region powered by ICEs. However, these vehicles will be locally built in China.

What do you think of Audi's new timeline to stop producing ICEs by 2033? Is it too ambitious or will they be able to achieve their goal? Remember, the automaker has reportedly stopped the development of new gasoline and diesel engines already.