Ford Fiesta: 1976-2023

After 47 years and seven generations, the time has come to bid farewell to one of Ford's most popular models.

The Blue Oval has officially announced that the Ford Fiesta subcompact will cease production on June 2023. And to pay tribute to one of its longest-standing nameplates, the automaker released a special video to say goodbye to the Fiesta while giving a glimpse of its successor, the Puma EV.

Locally, the Ford Fiesta has not been offered in dealerships for quite a while now since the brand focused its efforts on rolling out SUVs and pickups for the Asian market. The last time it was here, it was one of the first models in the country powered by a three-cylinder turbo engine dubbed the 1.0-liter EcoBoost that was launched back in 2013.

Bye bye baby: Ford Fiesta production ending in 2023 image

But in markets like Europe, the seventh-generation Fiesta lived on long after the previous generation was discontinued in Asia. The subcompact is made in Ford's Cologne production plant in Germany and its five-door hatchback version will continue to roll off the assembly line until June 2023.

Once the final Fiesta rolls out in 2023, it will also signal the end of the Blue Oval's production of combustion-engined models in the Cologne plant, as it will be transformed into the Cologne Electrification Center. Ford will retool the plant to produce a new electric crossover next year.