Newly-deputized patrol crews to keep CCLEX safe for motorists

Don't be surprised to see more patrol crews enforcing traffic regulations along the 8.9-km Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX).

The Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation (CCLEC) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) have teamed up to uphold safe driving on the expressway. LTO Region 7 officially turned over the deputization order and TOP (temporary operator's permit) to the CCLEX patrol crew at the CCLEX Toll Plaza.

Recently, LTO Region 7 and CCLEC held a simulation inside the expressway and reminded motorists to observe speed limits (40 km/h on the main bridge and curves, 60 km/h on the causeway), as well as wear seatbelts at all times. Meanwhile, motorcycle riders were reminded to wear helmets and proper riding gear.

CCLEX partners with LTO Region 7 to uphold road safety image

“Our expressway is a traffic discipline zone, and we are continuously partnering and collaborating with LTO as part of our road safety advocacy. While our patrol crew can now issue tickets to erring motorists, we trust that our CCLEX road users will abide by traffic rules and regulations even in and out of our expressway,” said Mareon Therese Miole, CCLEC Operations Manager.

Aside from strictly enforcing traffic rules and regulations, the patrol crew members are also responsible for responding to any traffic-related incidents, ensuring that CCLEX is safe for road users, and assisting motorists when their vehicles break down.

With 16 CCLEX patrol crews, expect the newly-deputized personnel to not only uphold road safety along the expressway but also assist motorists in times of need.