This is not the next-generation Integra you were expecting

The world is highly anticipating the launch of the new Acura Integra next year. It's the first time the Integra name was used since the model was discontinued in 2006 when the production of the DC5 ended. Fortunately for fans, they won't have to wait long; Acura confirmed that the model will officially debut next year. However, the new Integra seems to have debuted in China already, but it's unlike the model we expected.

China-spec Integra is a Honda Civic with a makeover image

The photos posted by Chinese automotive portal Autohome reveals the China-spec Honda Integra. It's a bit underwhelming since it's effectively a slightly remodeled 11th generation Honda Civic. It also looks nothing like the teaser image Acura released earlier this year.

The majority of the exterior is carried over from the Civic, making it easily recognizable as such. The only change would be the slightly revised front and rear fascia. Up front, the Integra features slimmer headlights and a revised grille. The front bumper was also tweaked to give the sedan a sportier look. To match the new front end, designers also tweaked the rear by giving a new set of LED taillights with an inverted L-design. The rear bumper is swapped out for a more aggressive unit with vertical reflectors and a black trim.

No doubt the front end looks nothing like the teaser image Acura revealed for the upcoming Integra. This one falls short of the expectations people had on the upcoming Acura model. While there are still no details about the 2022 Integra, that car is tipped to be a two-door coupe like the DC2 and DC5 generation models and ride on the current Civic platform. Hopefully, we'll know more about the Acura Integra before the year ends or sometime next year.

China-spec Integra is a Honda Civic with a makeover image

What are your thoughts on the China-market Honda Integra? Do you like it better than the current Civic, or does the design of this sedan appeal to you more? More importantly, do you think Honda should have called this model the Integra, especially with the new model arriving next year? Voice out your opinions in the comment section.