Chevrolet Brazil releases first images and details of all-new Montana compact pickup truck

Think Chevrolet pickup trucks, and most likely you'll think of the vehicles like the S-10, the classic El Camino, the enduring Silverado, and of course, the evergreen Colorado. But did you know the bow-tie brand actually makes an even smaller pickup truck?

It's called Montana, and it's actually been on sale in countries like Mexico, South Africa, and most of South America. Unlike typical midsize and full-size pickup trucks, the Montana has a unibody design. Despite its smaller size and car-based platform, the pint-sized pickup truck has made quite a name for several years.

Could 2023 Chevrolet Montana compact pickup make sense in PH? image

And now, Chevrolet is preparing to launch the all-new third-generation Montana. While the automaker is not yet ready to fully unveil the next-generation pickup, they did release several photos of the Montana albeit covered in camouflage. Despite the camo livery hiding its body, it's clear the all-new Montana will feature the brand's distinct front fascia design that consists of thin LED daytime running lights, a massive grille, and new bumper-mounted LED headlights.

It also looks a bit more muscular than ever thanks to the broader fenders, more pronounced fender lines, as well as having more defined wheel arches. But perhaps the most striking feature of the 2023 Montana is its unique cargo cover for the bed.

Could 2023 Chevrolet Montana compact pickup make sense in PH? image

According to Chevrolet, the Montana will have a special sealing system that will enable drivers to safely stow items at the back to protect them against water, dust, and debris. This feature was introduced as the automaker noticed that most that use the bed use it more like a sedan's trunk.

Powertrain details for the all-new Chevrolet Montana are still limited. However, Chevrolet did say that it will have a 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbo under the hood. Output figures have yet to be revealed by the bow-tie brand although since the all-new Montana shares the platform of the all-new Trax, it could put out 139 PS and 219 Nm of torque once fully revealed.

Could 2023 Chevrolet Montana compact pickup make sense in PH? image

“The new Montana will debut an innovative urban pickup concept. Regarding body proportions, for example, it has better use of cabin space and a much more intelligent and flexible bucket. Even because, in many cases, pickup trucks are taking the place of the family car,” said Gustavo Machado, Product Marketing Manager at Chevrolet Brazil.

With the 2023 Montana set to be revealed soon, could it make its way beyond Mexico, South Africa, and Latin America? Perhaps, since compact pickup trucks are now becoming more popular again. Just last year, Ford and Hyundai revealed the Maverick and Santa Cruz, respectively. Both vehicles are currently competing in the compact pickup market in the US which is growing in popularity.

Could 2023 Chevrolet Montana compact pickup make sense in PH? image

Should Chevrolet actually want a small but capable compact pickup in the mix to compete against Ford and Hyundai, the all-new Montana could disrupt the segment the Maverick and Santa Cruz are currently dominating. The only question is, will it be available to other markets like the Philippines?