Will the Suzuki S-Presso AGS ultimately outsell the manual version?

When the S-Presso first arrived in the country back in 2020, buyers were attracted to the high-riding hatchback's quirky looks, affordable price tag, tiny size, and ease of driving. But despite its popularity, some drivers were weary of getting behind the wheel of the S-Presso.

That's because, unlike most cars in the market, the S-Presso was only available with a 5-speed manual gearbox. But for 2023, Suzuki revealed the upgraded S-Presso and it now has a 5-speed automated manual transmission (AMT) called Auto Gear Shift (AGS).

This meant that those who prefer to drive with just two pedals instead of three now have that option. Moreover, it gets additional features like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity, engine auto start/stop, dual front airbags, hill-hold control, and an electronic stability program.

Could Suzuki PH drop manual version of the S-Presso? image

With the market shifting towards automatics, dual-clutches, and CVTs, we couldn't help but wonder if the S-Presso will lose its manual gearbox in the not-so-distant future. In fact, we asked someone from Suzuki if that will be the case in the long run.

Speaking to an anonymous source from Suzuki, our insider shared with us that it will depend on customer demand for the 2023 S-Presso.

“Should there be minimal demand for the M/T, then management may decide to discontinue the M/T. But for now, there is still demand for both the AGS and M/T variants, especially for fleet accounts,” said our insider.

With Suzuki looking to sell 500 units per month of the 2023 S-Presso, do you think the majority of sales will be for the AGS? Or will the manual version still have a sizable share? Let us know in the comments.