DAMD releases new Little G Traditional kit for the Suzuki Jimny

We've already seen countless kits for the Suzuki Jimny that transform the tiny 4x4 into a mini G-Class or a Land Rover Defender. With its cute and boxy styling, tall ride height, and 4x4 capability, it's no wonder enthusiasts continue to find ways to make the already stylish Jimny into something even more eye-catching.

Customized Suzuki Jimny is ready for the African Safari image

Japanese tuner DAMD is no stranger to this as they have already released several conversion kits for the Suzuki Jimny. Heck, they have already released several kits that turn the mini 4x4 into an old-school Ford Bronco, a Land Rover Defender, and even a Mercedes-Benz G Class. However, the company has released yet another kit for the Jimny, and this time they have transformed it into a classic G Wagen.

Called “Little G Traditional”, the kit itself is comprised of 10 pieces and makes the already capable Suzuki Jimny ready for the next jungle safari. Starting with the front fascia, the 4x4 gets a new grille with horizontal slats, headlight covers made of a thin vertical mesh, a different front bumper with amber corner lights, rectangular foglights below the main headlights, and a revised hood with lights on the corners that improve nighttime visibility.

Customized Suzuki Jimny is ready for the African Safari image

In case you haven't noticed them yet, the tricked-out Jimny also comes with huge side mirrors for added rear visibility. There are also new lower moldings, a distinct camel decal on the doors, mud flaps, and DD emblems finished in black. While not fitted as standard, DAMD fitted the Little G Traditional with a roof rack complete with wood accents.

Looking to get one to dress up your Jimny? The entire kit costs JPY 340,000 or PHP 125,920 when converted to our local currency. If you want them painted, that will cost an extra JPY 76,000 or around PHP 28,150.

Customized Suzuki Jimny is ready for the African Safari image

If you're planning on modifying your Suzuki Jimny soon, perhaps the Little G Traditional conversion kit by DAMD is the one you're looking for.