No price adjustments for gasoline

After what seemed like an eternity of oil price increases in the past four weeks, two fuel products are set to get price cuts for tomorrow, July 5.

Diesel will have a PHP 3.00 per liter rollback, while kerosene prices will decrease by PHP 3.40 per liter. On the other hand, gasoline fuel prices will stay the same for this week.

Diesel, Kerosene prices rollback for July 5 image

Shell and Seaoil have already announced their price adjustments to take effect by 6:00 AM tomorrow with other oil players in the country expected to do the same once they make their own advisories later in the day.

Tomorrow’s rollback will definitely be a welcome relief to users of diesel-powered vehicles, as four consecutive weeks of increases brought a PHP 15.60 per liter mark up to diesel prices. But as of now, there are no signs yet if the downward trend will continue, especially with the proposed price caps for Russian oil.

With that said, motorists can now delay their next fuel top-up for this week and make the most out of it while it lasts.