All 17 NCR Mayors agree to impose moratorium against DL confiscation

Yes, you read that headline right – drivers who have committed traffic violations will no longer have to worry about their license being confiscated, for now at least.

This comes after the meeting between the Metro Manila Council, the governing and policy-making body of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), and the Department of Interior & Local Government (DILG).

All 17 Mayors of Metro Manila agreed to impose a moratorium on the confiscation of driver's licenses (DLs). More importantly, they have also agreed to implement interconnectivity with the LTO to quickly identify drivers with multiple violations.

Driver's licenses will no longer be confiscated...for now image

“All 17 Metro Manila mayors agreed to suspend the confiscation of traffic violators’ driver’s licenses. Other LGUs just need to issue their respective executive orders, enact or amend existing ordinances in their localities,” said MMDA Acting Chairman Romando Artes.

DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos, meanwhile, expressed his gratitude to the Metro Manila Mayors for adhering to his appeal concerning the confiscation of DLs.

“I thank the Metro Manila mayors for heeding to my appeal. I would also like to reiterate that we maintain the authority of the LTO to confiscate driver's licenses as the leading law enforcement agency in implementing traffic laws and the safety of the motoring public,” shared Abalos.

With the LTO single-ticketing system set to be implemented by LGUs in Q1 of 2023, LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Jay Art Tugade said it has already laid down the technical requirements for the MMDA and LGUs authorized to issue traffic citation tickets to tag and record erring motorists.

Driver's licenses will no longer be confiscated...for now image

“Once the single ticketing system is finalized, the LTO will strictly implement its demerit point system to be able to properly monitor driver’s license records. Licenses should only be issued to deserving and qualified drivers,” added Tugade.

Artes also mentioned that the agency, along with the LTO and 17 LGUs in Metro Manila, is still finalizing the integration of the single ticketing system. Under it, the new system will be easier and more convenient for traffic violators in Metro Manila to settle the penalties through Bayad Centers. In addition, Artes said that no driver’s license shall be confiscated while the LTO is working on its interconnectivity.

“We are finalizing the guidelines for the single ticketing system which includes the establishment of traffic adjudication court per LGU, incontestability of traffic violations, among others,” added Artes.