Ferrari designing ICE engine to run past 2035

The character of any Ferrari model past or present won't be complete without having a glorious engine note. But now that the electric era has begun, is it time to say goodbye to Maranello's sweet sounding engines?

Apparently, the roar of the Prancing Horse could still live on.

Europe is a big market for sports cars, including Ferrari. The roar of its big engines is as legendary as the performance of its V8s and V12s. But strict emissions laws are forcing sports car makers like Ferrari to rethink their propulsion options, which is why it has set a goal to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

That does not mean the V8 and V12 engine will be abandoned by the wayside. Ferrari engineers are busy tweaking and redesigning its current engine lineup so it can run on e-fuels.

According to Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna “ICE (internal combustion engine) still has a lot to do” and their next-generation engines will be able to live on beyond 2035 without violating emissions regulations set by lawmakers.

"The discussion that was happening a few weeks ago about the adoption of e-fuel; I thought that this would happen in 2025 or 2026," said Vigna. "This is very good for us because you can run a car with fuel that is neutral. I think that the two are very much compatible, and this is a reinforcement of our strategy," said Vigna.

Ferrari will continue to build its first electric car and have it ready by 2025 but they will continue to offer models with ICE for customers and clients who want to hear the hum and rumble of large displacement engines.

There are no details yet about the kind of technology Ferrari will use for their new engines but the fact that the sweet sounding V12s will be available side by side with EV models past 2035 is great news for all motoring enthusiasts.