Ford unleashes the Electric Supervan one-off with 2,000 PS

For those that still believe electric vehicles (EVs) are slow, Ford has just unleashed its fastest EV yet, and it's not even a sports car or an SUV.

Following in Renault's footsteps with the Espace F1, Ford has built what could be the fastest (electric) van in the world.

This is the 2,000 PS Ford Electric Supervan. Making its official debut at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, the all-electric van is inspired by the new E-Transit Connect and highlights Ford's EV capability.

Unlike your typical van, the Supervan combines a motorsport-spec construction that marries the E-Transit Connect floor pan with a steel spaceframe. The racing influence continues in the suspension system as it comes with unequal-length double wishbones at each corner, motorsport-grade front, and rear subframes, and racing-grade brakes to quickly shave off speed. It's then accompanied by a full roll cage, racing seats, and lightweight composite body panels that make up its unique exterior.

Ford Electric Supervan: the new Renault Espace F1 image

And speaking of its exterior, the Ford Design Team had free reign to make the Supervan as wild as they can. From the outlandish wheel arches, muscular curves, racing-style rear diffuser, and front bumper spoiler, as well as the special livery used, the Supervan not only looks good but looks fast even when stationary.

Four electric motors, a 50 kWh liquid-cooled battery, and a bespoke control system provide the necessary juice for the Electric Supervan. With it, Ford says that it only needs sub 2 seconds to sprint from 0 – 100 km/h; giving the Supervan hypercar-like acceleration. Not only that, but the Supervan benefits from an all-wheel-drive system to ensure grip and can be recharged in approximately 45 minutes using a standard fast-charging system.

Ford Electric Supervan: the new Renault Espace F1 image

True to the van's practicality, it has generous luggage space at the back. A door in the bodyside makes loading and unloading cargo easy. This was made possible as the 50 kWh battery pack is mounted strategically so it will not take up space at the back.

Drivers can control the Supervan's electric powertrain and setup via the onboard tablet-like touchscreen. Aside from the usual infotainment features, the screen allows drivers to choose from several drive modes that tailor the Supervan's torque maps, regenerative braking, and control responses. These include Road, Track, Drag, Drift, and Rally.

Ford Electric Supervan: the new Renault Espace F1 image

There's no word from Ford if they will actually turn the Electric Supervan into a purpose-built racing van for motorsports. But given that they were able to build one on their own, it just proves just how much Ford is serious when it comes to EVs for both the road and the racetrack.