Diesel may roll back on March 14, price hike expected for gas

Motorists were greeted with an increase in fuel prices earlier this week after oil players adjusted their pump prices. This resulted in diesel going up by PHP 1.50 per liter while gasoline went up by PHP 0.40 per liter.

With fuel prices still relatively high, motorists are once again anticipating a possible rollback for both diesel and gasoline. Unfortunately, next week's price adjustments will see the mixed movement of pump prices.

According to our friends over at PH Fuel Watch, initial estimates this week showed signs that there will be a major increase in diesel and gasoline prices next week. However, there was a significant drop yesterday which meant that the perceived price hike will not be that big.

Fuel forecast: Diesel roll back PHP 0.10, gas goes up PHP 0.80 image

Next week's fuel forecast could see diesel have no price movement or will only receive a minor PHP 0.10 per liter increase. On the other hand, gasoline is estimated to get a substantial PHP 0.80 per liter hike.

If these estimates are true, diesel prices could either stay the course or get a minor price decrease. Gasoline, meanwhile, could be hit with another possible increase which will not be good news for motorists.

With no end in sight for the see-saw affair in fuel prices, motorists will just have to grin and bear it, as well as make sure to use every drop of fuel efficiently.