Mixed fuel price adjustments for 2nd week in a row

For the second week in a row, motorists with vehicles running on gasoline will have to face another round of price increases, while owners of diesel vehicles will get more fuel for less money.

Oil companies have announced that starting Tuesday, November 15, gasoline prices are up by PHP 0.90 per liter, while kerosene will also increase by PHP 1.35. Diesel, on the other hand, will roll back PHP 0.30 per liter.

Gas gets PHP 0.90 price hike, diesel drops PHP 0.30 tomorrow image

Expect these price adjustments to be imposed as early as 12:01 AM tomorrow, but companies such as Shell and Seaoil will adjust their prices by 6:00 AM. For those who frequently fill up at CleanFuel, the price changes will be effective by 4:01 PM per the company's advisory.

According to the Department of Energy, since the year started, gasoline prices have increased by PHP 17.25 per liter, PHP 28.60 per liter for kerosene, and PHP 36.30 per liter for diesel.

While oil prices fluctuate at a much smaller scale compared to the past months, every slight price cut will always help cash-strapped motorists, especially with the holiday season coming.