Gas prices might go down next week while diesel could go up PHP 0.45

This week's fuel price adjustments saw diesel rollback PHP 2.30 per liter while gasoline went up by PHP 3.95 a liter. With that, diesel motorists enjoyed saving a few bucks at the pumps while gasoline car owners had no choice but to bear another price increase.

With another week coming to a close, we're curious what will be next week's fuel price adjustments. Luckily, we don't have to wonder anymore as PH Fuel Watch recently released new estimates for next week.

According to them, the price of diesel might actually go up to PHP 0.45 per liter. Should this happen, this will be the first time diesel prices will go up after several rollbacks. On the other hand, gasoline motorists will be happy to know that a rollback is expected to happen. Based on current estimates, it could go down to PHP 2.10 per liter. While it's not much, it's a welcome rollback, nonetheless.

Gasoline might rollback PHP 2.10 next week image

With the price of gasoline in some Metro Manila gas stations now averaging PHP 80 per liter and above, next week's expected rollback could provide gasoline motorists some much-needed relief. Diesel car owners will not like the projected price increase, but at least it's only a few centavos.

Since these estimates are not yet final, we won't be surprised if there will still be changes before the price adjustments happen next week on May 31, 2022. Here's to hoping the rollback for gasoline becomes bigger while the increase for diesel will be lessened.