There is a plan for Lynk & Co distributorship in PH

It seems there’s something cooking, and it’s very much related to Geely.

No, we don’t mean the Geely automobile brand that has already been in the Philippines for the last four years. Rather, we’re talking about the Geely group’s more premium sub-brand, and no we don’t mean Volvo.

It’s Lynk & Co.

We have received word that there is an automotive group -a big one- that is in negotiations with Geely to offer the Lynk & Co brand here. Their chief has requested we keep their name off this article for now, but what we can confirm is that this group is not the same one that is currently handling the Geely brand here. What we can say is that the prospect of this group managing Lynk & Co is an interesting one, especially since they have a lot of experience managing and growing automotive brands in the Philippine market.

So yes, it appears that there is interest to offer Geely’s Lynk & Co here… but what is it?

Geely’s automobile business encompasses a lot of different brands. By now, many of us know of the Geely and Volvo connection, but there are much more. Zhiejang Geely Holding Group is the parent company, and under its umbrella are various brands that include Geely Auto, Volvo Cars, Proton (Malaysia’s national car company), Polestar (Volvo’s performance brand), Lotus (yes that Lotus), Geometry, Livan, Zeekr, London EV, Ouling, and more. And one of those brands is Lynk & Co.

Established in 2016 in Sweden, this brand is positioned to be in between Geely (volume, mass market vehicles) and Volvo (more premium). What makes Lynk & Co unique is that it is envisioned as an automotive marque for the digital and connected age. In essence, it’s a car built around the technology of today; at least that’s how the pitch for Lynk & Co goes with things like its own app store and a focus on connectivity.

The model range of Lynk & Co is fairly easy to understand, as all are just numbers based on size and type. The 02, 03 and 07 (upcoming model) are passenger cars in hatchback or sedan form. The 01, 05, 06, 08 and 09 are all SUVs; the higher the number, the larger it is. Many of the Lynk & Co models run on internal combustion, some are mild hybrids, and some are plug in hybrids. These vehicles all share platforms and power units with other Geely and Volvo models.

The brand is more of a competitor to Tesla, and largely adopts their business model by selling direct to consumers. Of course that might not be apt for all markets where the automotive business is still largely brick and mortar dealership, as is the case in the Philippines. Partners are still needed, so we’ll have to wait and see what developments will take for Lynk & Co to be established here.

The only other detail we have: they’re planning to announce -possibly even launch- in time for the Manila International Auto Show sometime in April 2024.