First batch of Geely Radar RD6 for export has come off the assembly line

Last year, Geely officially revealed its stylish all-electric pickup called the RD6. Sold under the company's EV brand “Radar”, the RD6 combines the versatility of a pickup truck and a zero-emissions powertrain that can deliver instantaneous torque.

With a rear electric motor producing 272 PS with 384 Nm, a range of up to 632 km on a full charge with a 100 kW battery pack, and the ability to power external devices via a vehicle-to-load (V2L) feature, the Radar RD6 looks and sounds promising. Unfortunately, it has yet to be offered outside the People's Republic.

Geely Radar RD6 EV pickup could be heading to ASEAN image

In the future, however, it will be arriving in international markets as Geely recently announced that the first batch of the RD6 electric pickups for export has just come off the assembly line. Geely did not say which market (or markets) will be the first to receive the Radar RD6. However, a report by our friends over in Paultan revealed that Geely plans to launch the RD6 EV in ASEAN, reportedly starting with Thailand.

With Thailand serving as the land of pickup trucks, it's not surprising Geely may have decided Thailand to be the first market to get the RD6. In addition, the Land of Smiles has started to adopt more and more electrified vehicles, particularly EVs and hybrids. Combined with the fact that Thailand plans to have EVs account for 30% of its vehicle production, as well as go full EV by 2035, the supposed arrival of the RD6 to the country is looking more probable.

Geely Radar RD6 EV pickup could be heading to ASEAN image

Could the Geely Radar RD6 make sense in other countries? And could the company actually bring it here to the Philippines if given the chance? Let us know in the comments.