It seems more and more automakers are planning to add an electric vehicle (EV) into their Philippine model line up. From Nissan with the Leaf, to Porsche with the Taycan, now it seems Geely also wants to be one of the pioneer automakers to sell EVs in the country.

A source close to the matter recently told that Geely will also be bringing EVs into the country in the future. As to when that is, it wasn’t disclosed to us just yet. However, we did find out that the automaker will not just be offering one EV in the market. Instead, Geely will be offering a lineup of electric vehicles.

Geely will bring their EV lineup to the Philippines image

Now, we don’t know what EV Geely will bring into the country first. In fact, we’re not certain if they will be pure battery electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles. However, considering that the automaker only offers the Coolray at the moment, we’re betting the first one will likely be the Coolray PHEV.

The Coolray PHEV (called the Binyue PHEV in China) is essentially a plug-in hybrid version of Geely’s popular crossover, and looks similar in design. Under the hood, it is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine paired with an electric motor and an 11.3kWh lithium battery pack producing 258 PS and 415 Nm torque. In EV-only mode, the vehicle has around 62km of range.

Geely will bring their EV lineup to the Philippines image

If we’re talking about pure battery EVs, Geely does have a handful of models available in the market. One of their newest models is the Geometry A sedan which features an elegant design both inside and out. It is offered with either a 51.9 kWh or a 61.9 kWh lithium-ion battery resulting in a maximum driving range of 410 km or 500 km, respectively. It is powered by an electric motor that produces 163 PS and 250 Nm of torque.

For now, we can only guess what EV models Geely will be bringing to the Philippines. But at least we are sure that they will be coming soon.