Going to BF Paranaque anytime soon?

If you live in the southern part of Metro Manila this may come as welcome news. If you live in BF Homes Parañaque, you may have a very different perspective.

The Human Settlements Adjudication Commission has issued a Writ of Preliminary Injunction against the BF Federation of Homeowners Associations, Inc. (BFFHAI). This is part of a larger legal battle that has been happening in the subdivision between the homeowners' associations, but the effect on motorists in the area is significant: the gates at Aguirre, Elizalde, El Grande, Tropical, and Concha Cruz have been opened to the public. 

BFFHAI has been ordered to stop requiring car stickers for all vehicles passing these gates, and to stop collecting fees for stickers and for entry fees (e.g. for delivery service providers). Moreover, it seems the association has also been ordered to vacate the main gates and dismantle the booms and barriers.

This order means that vehicles can pass through the gated community can now enter and use the roads of the subdivision for a shorter route as the area is known for traffic build-up. There are also a lot of businesses along Aguirre street, so visiting the establishments there won’t require leaving a driver's license or an identification card. 

BF Homes is a large gated community in Parañaque City. Actually, it's the largest barangay in the city by land area covering almost 7.7 square kilometers and has a population of over 90,000 people.  

Though it’s good for traffic that the subdivision is opening up to help ease the situation in the area, how will the people living in the gated community feel about it? There is a pushback from the homeowners themselves when it comes to the opening of the gates. Understandably they want to maintain the security, privacy, and exclusivity of BF Homes subdivision. They are fighting back and demand that their gates be opened only to residents with valid subdivision stickers. 

BFFHAI President Arturo Carlos Astorga has confirmed, through the Facebook post, that the gates are open and he has advised the guards to be on high alert during this situation. He has also stated that they have already filed their appeal and will hopefully overturn the injunction in their favor. 

As for now, motorists will have more routing options that will definitely help ease the traffic around the area. This opportunity may also benefit business owners as more people can now frequent their establishments, which will yield higher sales. 

Are you for or against the opening of the five BF gates? And if ever they open for good, would the other villages follow suit and share their roads? Let us know in the comments.