Hi4 – hybrid, intelligent, and four-wheel-drive

Great Wall Motors is set to launch new vehicles with more efficiency, more range, and more safety under their new brand declaration.

GWM calls it Intelligent New Energy, which covers the development of hybrid architecture, power batteries, hydrogen energy, electric drive technology, intelligent cabin, intelligent driving, and intelligent chassis.

Speaking of hybrid technology, GWM has released an upgraded architecture called Hi4 – which integrates hybrid, intelligent, and four-wheel drive. GWM says the new hybrid tech can achieve a balance between high efficiency and high performance in all scenarios.

While GWM did not disclose which model will first utilize the new Hi4 hybrid architecture, the brand plans to launch it this April. This is in line with GWM's efforts to equip its entire new energy product line with electric four-wheel-drive technology by 2024, providing users with a more powerful and environmentally friendly driving experience.

"GWM has always been adhering to an intelligent new energy strategy. In the future, GWM will apply core technology to provide more advanced intelligent new energy products to meet the global users' demand for cleaner and safer mobility life," said Mu Feng, GWM president.

With Great Wall Motors set to officially launch in the Philippines very soon, we can expect the new Hi4 architecture to make its way through the brand's latest offerings in the future.