The HC1 is an ultralight boutique camper featuring modular interiors that provide creative customizability and endless possibilities. Its appearance exudes retro-modern charm, while offering modern amenities that promote sustainability and reusable versatility.

The Californian company, Happier Camper, shows that it understands the unique desires of an adventurous and environmentally conscious demographic. The project was announced as early as last year, and now HC1s are ready to be ordered, built, and delivered! All of them come with an eco-friendly solar panel that charges the camper’s single marine battery. The HC1 is beautiful, innovative, technology packed, and pretty darn easy to fall in love with.

The HC1 taking the great outdoors

When you purchase your HC1, this is what you get. The exterior is a 100% double-hull fiberglass shell built on a Sturdy Lipper reinforced tube frame with windows, locks, and marine grade parts. The trailer rides on torsion axle suspension and 13” aluminum wheels; a full-sized spare tire and mount is in the undercarriage.

BAL stabilizing jacks in the rear are built-in as are a 2” hitch receiver. Front jacks are available too. Electronic braking system comes standard, and ample LED lighting surrounds the camper inside and out. The HC1 comes with AC dual wall plugs, a USB port, DC cigarette lighter ports, and a Mighty Mini electronic converter hub.

The MegaBed setting which can accommodate up to 5 people

The HC1’s Adaptiv interior modular system can be configured on the fly, according to a slew of staple demands and niche preferences. It consists mainly of cubes that can act as countertops, storage options, and cushioned platforms. They are light, easy to clean, and are designed to snap together. Optional hardware is also available to lock the cubes to the trailer’s walls for more security. All the wood used in the HC1 is made of Lite-Ply, which is as strong as plywood with half the weight.

Available within the Adaptiv system is a full kitchenette with a stovetop range, sink, and refrigerator/freezer combination. There are also tabletop options, including one with a pole and locking base. Toilets can be chosen from basic and moderate to deluxe. You can even request for things like a cube that doubles as an ice box cooler.

The HC1 can also act as a bike trailer

Other add-ons create comfort and are conducive to mobile connectivity. You can order bluetooth speakers, tablet docks, a generator, propane heater, air conditioning, and even a hot pressurized shower. All that doesn’t even cover half the accessories available through Happier Camper.

The company suggests some example layouts including a portable office, commercial space, and a ‘megabed’ that can sleep up to 5 people. Those into adventure and alternative sports will be pleased with the hauler configuration. The HC1 can pack your equipment and gear—kayaks, surfboards, mountain bikes, you name it. You can even order a ramp for your motorcycles, which the HC1 can fit—not just one but two—using tie-downs strapped to the existing floor mounts.

The wide array of configurations for the HC1

If you can’t shell out for your own HC1, you’d be pleased to find out that Happier Camper has a rental fleet in L.A. for your road trips around California! Due to its ultralight construction, the HC1 can be towed by virtually any vehicle; there’s no need for a big SUV. It’s also compact enough to get through forested trails and other narrow passageways. The HC1 lets your imagination take flight and your thirst for adventure drive you, with a compact camper that’s vintage-inspired but technology packed.

Happier Camper HC1 Adaptiv™ Modular Interior Demo from Happier Camper on Vimeo.