Mercedes-Benz to expand its van lineup with all-new T-Class

Around two years ago, Mercedes-Benz announced that they will be launching an all-new vehicle in the form of a van. While they already have the V-Class/Vito and the Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz wanted to offer something smaller.


Now they've done it, and it's called the T-Class. Based on the all-new Citan (a shared platform with the Renault Kangoo), the new model is the result of their partnership with the French carmaker. However, the T-Class will be aimed at buyers that “need plenty of space, but still want to drive a vehicle with compact dimensions”.


We already saw a preview of the upcoming vehicle last year when Mercedes-Benz debuted the EQT Concept. While it gave us an idea of what it will (eventually) look like, we still haven't seen images of the production version...until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your first look at the Mercedes-Benz T-Class. It's set to debut on April 26, 2022, and will serve as the brand's premium small van. According to the automaker, the T-Class will combine a sporty and emotional design, with a spacious and variable interior.

Style-wise, the T-Class features the brand's signature look. While we have yet to see the vehicle in its entirety, we do see that it comes with a distinct three-bar grille, a large three-pointed star, as well as a pair of sleek headlights.

In the future, Mercedes-Benz will release more details and images of the upcoming T-Class. Since it's a shared product with Renault, we won't be surprised if it will be available with engines derived from the French automaker. In addition, we can expect an all-electric version since the automaker already previewed the EQT concept last year.

Once revealed, could the T-Class make sense in the PH as a smaller sibling to the V-Class? Chime in your comments below.