There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the next-generation Honda Jazz. After all, Honda did announce that they will be unveiling it at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show come October. There are even spyshots of the car floating around. But what about its sedan sibling, the City?

Well wait no more as there are now spyshots of the City too, giving us an idea as to how it might look like once it's out. This is an especially important model for Honda in the Southeast Asia market as it has proven to be a best-seller not just in our country, but in other parts of the region too.

The car was spotted in Ayutthaya, the location of one of Honda's two production hubs in Thailand. For now, we'll have to settle for rather fuzzy photos, but you can still make out some details. For instance, we see a Civic-like front end with its thick grill slat and upswept headlights.


We were expecting that look when we last reported about the car and that, indeed, seems to be the case. As for the sides, there's the return of the door-mounted side mirrors, a characteristic last seen in the 2003 to 2008 City. Also present are multi-spoke alloy wheels although this might not be the actual one that they will fit on the production model.

There are more detailed photos of the rear, which has a rather interesting trunk lid and tail light combination. Instead of going for the C-shape look of the Civic, Honda seems to have taken a different route for the City. The lights are mounted low and appears to have a slim, wraparound design. Its tail also kicks upwards and the rear windshield is less 'coupe-like' than the Civic's. The car also appears to larger as well.

Now that we have a general idea of the car's exterior, what about technical details? Unfortunately, little is known at the moment. However, given that Honda is adding turbocharged engines in their range, the boosted 1.0-liter mill from the Euro-spec Civic is a likely option. That particular engine makes 129 PS and 200 Nm of torque. The tried and tested 1.5-liter engine could also be carried over from the current City, possibly with upgrades and updates to make it run even cleaner.

With the pre-production model driving around in public already, how long will we wait for the full reveal? It is possible that we'll have to wait until near the end of the year before we see it. We're also hoping that it will still be assembled in the Philippines, as the City has been rolling out of Santa Rosa, Laguna for over 20 years now.

Source: Drive Master (Thai)