Honda preparing for a very important model launch

Well, it seems like we have some very interesting information regarding future models from Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI). Actually, it's coming very soon.

We have good reason to believe that Honda is about to launch the all-new BR-V very soon. The indicator we got is that Honda was able to secure approval for the powertrain of the model from a government agency.

Now, the approval does not indicate the model name, but we can easily narrow it down. We can do that because of several bits of information: the engine displacement in cc, the fuel type, the transmission, and the curb and gross weights of the vehicles.

First off, there are two entries: one for models equipped with a CVT, and one where the transmission is not indicated. That likely means it's the manual transmission version; given that it has the lightest curb weight at 1341 kg, the M/T seems like the logical conclusion.

Honda BR-V COC image

Then we have the engine: it's 1498cc. That's the same engine displacement as the City Sedan, City Hatchback, and the HR-V. Given that those models are already in showrooms, there's no need for another approval of an entire model range.

Speaking of weights, again the lightest model is at 1341 kg, followed by the CVT models at 1364 kg, 1391 kg, and 1398 kg. Actually, they also indicated the variant badges for the CVT models in a very Honda fashion: the S, V, and VX. The fourth variant, the M/T, wasn't given a variant badge; perhaps it's S as well.

So really, the only logical model that fits those descriptions is the all-new Honda BR-V that was revealed in Indonesia last year. The gross weights of the vehicle actually support that too; with GVW ranging from 1810 to 1850 kg, it has to be a small seven-seater.

Honda BR-V COC image

This time though, there is no chance of it being slated for local assembly as Honda closed down the factory lines in February 2020. This will likely be imported from Indonesia.

As for features and pricing, we have yet to find out. We can expect the usual Honda equipment package when it comes to connectivity and convenience, depending on the model range. It is also possible that the BR-V could have the Honda Sensing advanced safety package as the top-spec Indonesian model does have it (the BR-V Prestige Honda Sensing), but that would mean it would be priced rather high for the class.

As to when Honda Cars Philippines will launch the model, we can only guess. Our money is in mid-August.