Honda responds to all-new Wigo with refreshed Brio

Earlier this year, Toyota got the ball rolling when it launched the all-new Wigo/Agya/Axia/Ayla as its latest small hatchback offering in the ASEAN market. Not one to be outdone, Honda is now gearing up to reveal an updated version of its own small hatchback, the Brio.

Upon checking the Honda Indonesia website, we've come across an ad that says “Get ready to flex”. While they did not exactly show a teaser of the vehicle, reports from Indonesia say PT Honda Prospect Motor is indeed launching the refreshed Brio hatchback. The countdown says the car will be revealed by 4:00 PM Jakarta time on Hondaisme, the official Youtube account of Honda Indonesia.

Honda ID launching facelifted Brio on May 5; will PH get it? image

The current second-generation Brio is based on the Honda Small RS Concept and has held its own without any facelifts or minor changes since it debuted in 2018. In its class, the Brio outshines the Wigo, Mirage, and Celerio when it comes to power output. Its 1.2-liter i-VTEC engine produces 90 PS and 110 Nm, and it's the only one that comes with four cylinders.

The next question now is, will the Philippines get the refreshed Brio as well?

Our answer is: very likely. We have spotted that Honda Cars Philippines received approval for a passenger car with an exact displacement of 1,198cc – equivalent to a 1.2-liter engine. Furthermore, HCPI had two approvals of the same engine displacement. One has a curb weight of 1,054 kg, while the second suggests the other three variants – the V that weighs 1,069 kg, the RS at 1,095 kg, and RS OP1 at 1,095 kg as well. Usually, when manufacturers apply for two approvals for the same engine displacement, it suggests either a different drivetrain or different transmission.

Honda ID launching facelifted Brio on May 5; will PH get it? image

If we look at it from Honda Cars Philippines' current lineup, it matches their variant offerings for the Brio. Honda sells the Brio with the 1.2 S manual, the 1.2 V CVT, the 1.2 V RS and the 1.2 V RS two-tone.

So when exactly do we expect to get the refreshed Brio? Well so far, Honda has only launched one all-new model this year, the Civic Type R. As per their previous statement, they intend to launch three new models in 2023, including an e:HEV model. As it stands, the remaining slot could be left for the all-new CR-V or the refreshed Brio. So which do you think will be launched in 2023? The all-new CR-V or the refreshed Brio? Your guess is as good as ours.

Source: Otodriver, Otomotif Kompas