Hyundai Motor Company will be helping the world's biggest football tournament achieve its carbon-neutral goals.

As an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Hyundai Motor will provide 616 fleet vehicles to FIFA World Cup 2022, which consists of 446 passenger vehicles, with just over half (226 units) being hybrid electric (HEV) and battery electric (BEV) models. This marks the first time in history that the competition will use eco-friendly vehicles in the event fleet at this scale.

Hyundai eco-friendly fleet to move FIFA World Cup 2022 image

Hyundai Motor is preparing a dedicated organization and support system for stable EV operations. It will provide Hyundai IONIQ 5, Sonata HEV, Tucson HEV, Kona HEV as well as Genesis G80 EV and GV70 EV to transport FIFA VIPs and staff, plus Elec City buses to transport members of the media.

In addition, the company will operate roadside charging services for discharged BEVs using the innovative Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) function on two IONIQ 5 BEVs. FIFA will provide 100 kW-150 kW EV chargers at the event’s parking facilities located in Doha, Qatar, to ensure the BEVs’ continuous operation.

Hyundai eco-friendly fleet to move FIFA World Cup 2022 image

Hyundai Motor will conduct real-time monitoring of the fleet vehicles for any breakage or accidents, and provide prompt service response, such as emergency dispatch, troubleshooting, and vehicle inspection as needed.

“Hyundai Motor and FIFA share a strong commitment to make this year’s event a sustainable success through the use of clean mobility. By providing our eco-friendly hybrid and battery electric vehicles as ground transportation, we expect to achieve our shared goal of making the World Cup in Qatar a win-win for planet Earth and humanity” said Jaehoon Chang, president, and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company.

Hyundai eco-friendly fleet to move FIFA World Cup 2022 image

In addition to providing fleet vehicles, Hyundai Motor launched the Goal of the Century (GOTC) World Cup campaign with the slogan ‘A United World for sustainability’ in April, visualizing carbon neutrality for the World Cup and football fans worldwide.

In celebration, a special "Goal of the Century" video featuring BTS and other Team Century members will be screened in Piccadilly Circus in London starting today.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar from November 20 to December 18.