Hyundai partners with Dymag and Hankuk Carbon for lightweight composite wheels

When Hyundai revealed the all-new Ioniq 5 N at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed, it surprised everyone. Apart from having a sportier and more distinct-looking exterior design, the souped-up EV also doles out an impressive 650 PS and a top speed of 260 km/h.

Combined with plenty of high-tech features including a powerful 84 kWh battery, a two-stage inverter, a battery chiller, a drift mode, and launch control, the Ioniq 5 N is proof that EVs need not be boring while producing zero emissions. But if there's one feature that is common with most EVs, it's their hefty weight due to the heavy battery pack.

Luckily, Hyundai is already working on cutting the Ioniq 5 N's weight after going into development of advanced and lightweight carbon fiber wheels for N Performance vehicles. In collaboration with lightweight wheels specialist Dymag and composites material company Hankuk Carbon, the automaker revealed a prototype of the jointly-developed carbon hybrid wheel at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed alongside the Ioniq 5 N.

Hyundai N cars to have lighter, more durable carbon fiber wheels image

The exact specifications of the prototype wheel have yet to be revealed. However, Dymag did mention that it has a composite outer rim made from carbon fiber as well as a precision-machined forged metallic centerpiece. The result is a weight savings over a traditional cast aluminum wheel of between 40% to 50%. Moreover, the significantly reduced unsprung mass of the carbon hybrid wheel also reduces rolling inertia and offers a stiffer and more durable wheel.

“We are delighted we are working with Hyundai on the development of advanced, lightweight carbon hybrid wheels for its N Performance products. The first result of the collaboration between Dymag and Hankuk Carbon, the new wheel technology further cements Dymag’s position as a leading OEM partner for the global automotive industry,” said Tom de Lange, CEO of Dymag.

The full specifications of the new wheel will be revealed in the coming months. But don't expect the Ioniq 5 N to be the only vehicle to come with carbon fiber wheels. In the future, Hyundai said that other N models will also get the new lightweight carbon fiber wheel.