Hyundai PH not affected by unit supply issues for Stargazer

Hyundai Motor Philippines wants to shake up the popular 7-seater MPV segment with the all-new Stargazer. Aimed to compete against the likes of the Xpander, Veloz, and the BR-V, the manufacturer is banking on the Stargazer to put Hyundai back to being one of the top-selling brands in the country.

However, given the situation of global parts shortages and unit supply issues today, it's one thing to launch a new vehicle, and another to actually have enough units to roll out. But for Hyundai PH, apparently, they do not have that problem with the Stargazer.

Hyundai PH President: No unit supply issues for Stargazer image

We had a chance to talk to Hyundai PH President Dongwook Lee during a media event and asked about Stargazer's sales performance. The Hyundai PH President gladly answered and said they can keep up with the growing interest for the Stargazer, as they have enough units to supply all their dealerships.

The local Stargazer units are sourced from Hyundai's Indonesia plant. Opened earlier this year, the factory not only serves Indonesia, but also exports vehicles and spare parts to ASEAN markets such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. With other manufacturers struggling to come up with enough units, this is basically Hyundai PH flexing the production strength of its regional hub.

Hyundai PH President: No unit supply issues for Stargazer image

That being said, customers interested in the Stargazer can check out Hyundai dealerships and walk away knowing they won't have to line up on the waitlist to drive one home. This should sway frustrated buyers who no longer consider which is the better vehicle, but which is the one available.