Hyundai to allegedly phase out midsize Sonata in favor of EVs

If there's one segment in the auto industry that's not growing, it's the midsize sedan market. As crossovers, pick-ups, and SUVs continue to become more popular, the D-segment is facing an uncertain future. Heck, Hyundai quietly removed the Sonata from the Philippine lineup several years ago as sales dried up for the D-segment contender.

With the writing on the wall becoming clearer, it seems Hyundai has decided to call it quits with the midsize sedan market.

Hyundai Sonata to be axed for EV push image

The last Hyundai Sonata was launched in PH back in 2016

According to a report by Korean publication Chosun, Hyundai has already decided to discontinue the Sonata. It's apparently an open secret within the company that the sedan no longer has a future in the company, especially with the automaker pushing for more electric vehicles (EVs) and electrified models.

More importantly, insiders familiar with the matter also told the publication that Sonata assembly lines will be converted to produce EVs soon. If these reports are true, it simply points to a single outcome, the Sonata could really be on its way out.

We're not entirely surprised by Hyundai's decision to ax the Sonata. Sales of the midsize four-door have dwindled since 2019. In its home market alone, the Sonata only sold a total of 440,000 units ever since it was first revealed 3 years ago. Compared to the 1 million or more units sold of previous models, that's a steep decline.

Hyundai Sonata to be axed for EV push image

There's also the matter of Hyundai planning to launch an electric sedan called the Ioniq 6. It will supposedly compete in the midsize sedan market and will sit on the same E-GMP platform as the now popular Ioniq 5 EV hatchback. Once revealed, the Ioniq 6 will supposedly look like the Prophecy concept revealed two years ago.

With Hyundai's ultimate goal to be carbon neutral by 2045, the future of internal combustion (as well as the Sonata) in the Korean automaker is living on borrowed time. But with the Ioniq 6 looking to become the brand's zero-emissions midsize sedan, perhaps it will serve as the spiritual successor to the Sonata.