Could the Honda Elevate actually make its way here to the Philippines?

Earlier today, the General Manager of Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) Inc Atty. Louie Soriano posted on his social media that he just landed in New Delhi, India. Given that India is not a particularly popular destination for Filipinos, we're assuming this is a business-related trip. Perhaps it's a conference, training session, or something else entirely that might be related to Honda affairs.

But we at would like to think the company may also be evaluating a new unit to bring to the country. While the likelihood is low, there could be a possibility that the automaker is planning to bring a new model that could be aimed at budget-conscious buyers. This is made more apparent since Honda's vehicle offerings in the country are starting to become more expensive. Case in point, the next-generation CR-V starts at PHP 2.15 million.

But what vehicle could Honda possibly be looking at from India if ever? Well, remember the Elevate crossover SUV that made its global debut earlier this year? Well that's one possibility.

Is Honda Cars PH looking at Indian-made units? image

A subcompact-sized crossover that can slot below the HR-V might be attractive for our market. Yes, the HR-V is also a B-segment crossover but it is becoming more expensive. The starting price is now at PHP 1.389M for the base model S while the turbocharged mid-grade V is now selling for PHP 1.649M. And if you prefer the turbo RS version, that will cost you PHP 1.739M.

With a void at the lower end of their vehicle lineup, this could be an opportunity for Honda to possibly fill the gap. And should Honda pull it off, it might go up against the likes of the Toyota Raize, Kia Stonic, and other similarly-sized crossovers.

Is Honda Cars PH looking at Indian-made units? image

Of course this is all conjecture. For all we know, the GM of Honda Cars Philippines may be in India for a different purpose altogether. If indeed it is for some kind of meeting over a new unit, this won't be the first time an automaker in the Philippines has sourced units from India. Suzuki has long been doing this since they first started getting units of the new generation Dzire. The list of India-sourced vehicles by Suzuki then grew to include the S-Presso, the all-new Celerio hatchbacks, and even the Jimny, although the company reverted back to getting Japan-made units for the 4x4 SUV.

Maybe we're reading too much into it. But aside from the Elevate, there may be other models from India that Honda Cars PH may be able to get, perhaps an entirely new model that we have yet to hear about. What do you think Honda could possibly source from India? Let us know in the comments what you think.