It has been almost four years since Suzuki launched their B-segment fighter in the Philippines, the Ciaz. Aimed against the likes of the Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent, Honda City, and the Nissan Almera, the Suzuki Ciaz offers an elegant-looking subcompact sedan complete with a wide array of features at a price point that will not break the bank.

But after several years of being in the market, the Ciaz is clearly due for a refresh. Thankfully we might not have to wait for long as the sedan might get its long overdue update soon. After premiering in India last August 2018, the ASEAN market will soon get the Ciaz.

Is the 2020 Suzuki Ciaz coming this year to PH? image

As expected, Thailand will be the first market in ASEAN to get the updated Ciaz as it will reportedly be launched and produced there some time in March 2020. What does this mean for the Philippine market? Well, since Suzuki Philippines sources the Ciaz from The Land of Smiles, there is a chance the 2020 Ciaz could arrive in the country by Q3 or Q4 of this year.

There no exact details yet as to what the Thai-spec Ciaz will look like or will have. But just like the model launched in India back in 2018, we won't be surprised if the Thai-spec (or PH-spec) receive the same redesign inside and out.

Is the 2020 Suzuki Ciaz coming this year to PH? image

With a Euro-inspired look, the refreshed Ciaz gets a bolder front grill along with a new set of headlights. High-grade models come with LED daytime running lights, while a sportier front bumper gives the Ciaz a flashier appearance. The rear, on the other hand, gets a more subtle revision. It gets slightly updated LED taillights, and new chrome surrounds on the reflectors on the bumper.

As far as the cabin is concerned, it might largely be carried-over from the current model albeit with some minor changes here and there. For starters, faux wood panels could be available along with a tan-colored interior. A new instrument panel, revised climate control system, as well as new touchscreen infotainment could also be available upon its launch.

Is the 2020 Suzuki Ciaz coming this year to PH? image

Under the hood, the Thai-spec Ciaz is expected to get the 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine that will be mated to a new continuously variable transmission (CVT). Output figures from the 1.2-liter engine are expected to be at 91 PS with 118 Nm of torque. Does this mean the PH-spec will downsize from the 1.4-liter to the smaller 1.2-liter? It's possible, although the Philippine market might also get the bigger 1.5-liter engine which is currently seeing use in the Ertiga MPV.

With the 2020 Ciaz's supposed arrival in Thailand this coming March, the Philippines might follow suit within a year or less. Here's to hoping Philippine customers won't have to wait too long.

Source: Headlightmag