Isuzu transforms the D-Max into the ultimate camping vehicle

Ever wanted to set up your D-Max into the ultimate camping vehicle? Well, Isuzu has come up with their own idea of a go-anywhere vehicle that can also double as your campsite in the great outdoors.

Say hello to the Isuzu Expedition Edition, and it's packed to the brim with equipment suited specifically for exploration and camping. Fitted with various ARB accessories, the Valencia Orange-painted pickup truck stands out with its enhanced capabilities.

Isuzu D-Max Expedition Edition is ready for the outdoors image

Equipped with a roof tent, canopy, awning, a built-in fridge at the back, and a drawer set with a kitchen, the tricked-out D-Max comes with all of the necessary accessories for the outdoors. The Expedition Edition will also be available with roof racks, recovery gear, and other off-road equipment for more peace of mind while in the wilderness.

For now, these extras are only available for the UK market wherein Isuzu dealerships in the country can offer the ARB equipment for the D-Max. Isuzu says that the approved accessories have undergone rigorous testing to meet the high standards for quality, safety, and performance set by both Isuzu and ARB.

Isuzu D-Max Expedition Edition is ready for the outdoors image

The full list of ARB equipment fitted on the Isuzu D-Max is listed below:

-ARB Ascent Hardtop Gullwing Remote Locking
-Esperance Roof Tent Hard Shell
-ARB Awning with Light Installed 2000mm x 2500mm
-ARB Baserack Awning Bracket Quick Release
-Baserack Bridge Plate Narrow for Roof Top Tent Fitting
-ARB Outback Drawer set with Kitchen and Roller Floor
-ARB Fridge Zero 60 Liter 12V DC - 240V
-ARB Fridge Zero Tie-Down Kit
-Fold Down Anchor Point Kit (Set Of 4)
-ARB Recovery Point Red LHS
-ARB Recovery Point Red RHS
-Tailgate Assist System
-ARB Cargo Draw Organizer Heavy Duty
-ARB Kitchen Bag £51.50
-Kitchen Buddy £92.00
-ARB Recovery Kit Weekender
-ARB Baserack Ascent Canopy Kit 1835mm x 1285mm

“The Isuzu Expedition Edition showcases the boundless customizability of the New-Look Isuzu D-Max range, particularly when paired with ARB accessories. It serves as the perfect show vehicle, allowing visitors to fully grasp the potential for personalization. Thanks to our exciting partnership with ARB, customers now have the seamless opportunity to purchase a fully loaded D-Max, tailored with accessories that perfectly suit their needs,” said Steve Page, Accessory Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Isuzu UK.

Isuzu D-Max Expedition Edition is ready for the outdoors image

Should you also be planning to dress up and kit out your Isuzu D-Max, perhaps you can get some inspiration from what Isuzu did for the D-Max Expedition Edition.