Japan's newest circuit will come with a luxury resort

Manila House. Manila Polo Club. Balesin Island. What do these things have in common? Well, for one, they're the most exclusive membership clubs in the country that gives you access to elite perks like fine dining, golfing, and private beaches.

But what if we told you that over in Japan, there's an exclusive members-only club reserved for those who enjoy driving? Well, here it is. The Magarigawa Club.

Located just 60 minutes from Tokyo and Haneda Airport, Magarigawa is set to become Asia's first full-fledged private driving club. Within its confines is a 3.5-kilometer circuit featuring 22 corners with varying uphill and downhill sections, together with an 800-meter long straight. The track was designed by a team from renowned F1 circuit designer Tilke Engineering.

Japan building a Balesin Island for car enthusiasts image

But what's unique about Magarigawa is that it has facilities similar to that of premium country clubs, as their “Owner's Paddock” has a villa-style clubhouse building complete with hot spring baths, spa facilities, restaurant, bar lounge, and fitness and training rooms. It has a spacious living room and terrace, together with exclusive garages for up to 4 cars. In addition, the villa is located within the circuit and offers a private view of the driving track around it.

A total of five villas will be made before the club opens in 2023, and all of them have been sold out. Curious about its membership fee? Well, the membership price costs JPY 29.9 million (PHP 12.3 million) a year, and they're only opening 50 slots for its initial opening.

We don't know about you, but we're adding this to our bucket list if ever we win the lottery.