Rebuild courtesy of kind folks from PH car scene

By now, many car enthusiasts may have already seen the viral video of a white Toyota Corolla Altis that crashed during an open practice at a car meet held at the R33 Drift Track in Pampanga.

Indeed, the unfortunate incident is one of the best examples of what not to do in a track. The videos that surfaced and the ensuing hilarious memes, as expected, gathered all kinds of comments from members of the car community and the general public.

But in the midst of all that trouble, there was one recognizable thing that “Jason” actually did right – he explored (and went beyond) the limits of his car in a safe, and controlled environment.

As a result, kind-hearted folks from the PH car scene have come together and pledged to help rebuild “Jason's” Corolla Altis. Ranging from body repair offers to basic track lessons, sponsors came in so he could get back in the saddle quickly and learn how to properly drive his car on the track.

Corolla Altis in viral “Jason” video to have project car rebirth image

In addition, other sponsors have also pledged to pitch in some aftermarket parts such as a high-performance wheel and tire combo plus some suspension mods that would make the Corolla Altis a more capable track car.

While this gesture is indeed a commendable one for the sponsors and car communities involved, we're also hoping “Jason” does not take his mistake for granted. Any good driver should evaluate what happened so he can apply what he's learned. We're excited to see how “Jason” and his Corolla Altis would turn out moving forward.

Let this also serve as a lesson for people who want to get into cars or go fast with their toys. Granted, "Jason" is fortunate because people saw the good in him, but that doesn't mean you have to first crash before getting recognized.

Think of this incident as a reminder to always race (and drive) responsibly, and choose the right set of friends. More often than not, these two things are enough to let you have fun without getting the spills. And in case you do, they're the first ones who'll be there to help you get out of the slippery situation.