Geely launches Ji Yue sub-brand with tech company Baidu

Geely has launched a new brand that aims to offer premium intelligent technology that will complement intelligent mobility.

The new auto brand is called Ji Yue. It is a product of Geely's partnership with Baidu, one of the leading tech companies in the People's Republic. Aside from launching the new Geely sub-brand, the company has also released the first images of its new vehicle dubbed Ji Yue 01.

According to Ji Yue, the flagship crossover is set to provide an “unparalleled intelligent automotive experience” and is aimed at redefining the concept of intelligent mobility. The automaker has yet to reveal its exact features but they did mention it will have a host of smart driver aids as well as cutting-edge infotainment systems and amenities.

Style-wise, the Ji Yue 01 looks sleek and aerodynamic. It has a smooth and futuristic-looking exterior that's accompanied by flush door handles, eye-catching LED headlights & taillights, black body cladding, a black-painted roof, and muscular fenders.

The Ji Yue 01 will debut in the PRC Q4 of this year and will reap the benefits of Geely's Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). Ji Yue will build and develop its own charging network to meet consumer demand for smart intelligent vehicles. More importantly, it will have Baidu’s cutting-edge and industry-leading artificial intelligence technologies, including advanced intelligent cabins and autonomous driving.