Defender, Discovery, Range Rover to exist as marques along with Jaguar

When a particular car model achieves great success, its role sometimes expands. Say, for example, the Austin Mini turned into the Mini brand, and the Dodge Ram truck simply became known as Ram.

As manufacturers are making changes towards electrification, another British marque will soon have its most popular models turned into bespoke brands.

JLR will turn Land Rover models to bespoke brands image

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed new details about its Reimagine plan, as part of their goal to become an electric-first luxury brand by 2030. Apart from retooling and renaming its manufacturing facilities, its strategy also involves forming the “House of Brands”, in which the Defender, Discovery and Range Rover will exist as a brand alongside Jaguar.

JLR will turn Land Rover models to bespoke brands image

That's right. The Land Rover Defender will be known as the Defender, along with the Discovery and Range Rover. JLR says this was done to amplify the unique characters of each of its brands, which would help them deliver “the world's most desirable modern luxury automotive brands for the most discerning clients”.

JLR will turn Land Rover models to bespoke brands image

For now, JLR has not announced other details yet. But since they are putting an emphasis on what the models-turned-brands are offering, then things could remain the same, meaning the Defender brand is dedicated to electrified off-road SUVs, the Range Rover brand for its electrified flagship luxury SUV. In contrast, the Discovery could remain as the middle ground between the two.

The first all-electric Range Rover is already in the works, as well as the Defender EV which will arrive before the decade ends. That said, we'll keep our eyes peeled for more updates regarding JLR's restructuring plans.