Kia wows 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show with EV9 full-size electric SUV concept

To say that electric vehicles (EVs) are all the rage today is an understatement. From hatchbacks, sedans, crossovers, and even pick-ups, automakers are busy making zero-emission vehicles a reality. Some companies have even announced that they plan to switch to selling only EVs in the not-so-distant future.

For Kia, they plan to not just offer sleek electric crossovers, but also full-size electric SUVs. To prove just how serious they are, the company recently unveiled the EV9 Concept at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show. Serving as a preview to Kia's upcoming electric SUV, the EV9 combines a sharp-edged exterior with a lounge-like interior.

Kia previews three-row electric SUV with EV9 Concept image

Borrowing inspiration from crystals and rocks, the EV9's design combines a boxy and edgy exterior that's complemented by muscular wheel arches. Since the concept doesn't come with an engine under the hood, the traditional tiger-nose grille goes digital and is hidden via a set of lights that can imitate the look of the signature grille design.

From the side, and it's clear that the EV9 is a preview of an upcoming three-row electric SUV. Its relatively flat roofline means there's enough headroom for all passengers whether they're seated at the front, or at the rear.

Kia previews three-row electric SUV with EV9 Concept image

Other highlights worth mentioning about the EV9 include the cube-shaped headlights, the L-shaped LED daytime running lights (DRLs), unique 22-inch alloy wheels, rear suicide-style doors, the vertical taillights, and the distinct Y-shaped LED taillights.

Kia previews three-row electric SUV with EV9 Concept image

As mentioned earlier, the EV9 offers a lounge-like interior that is accompanied by a large panoramic sunroof. This allows natural light to brighten up the cabin for a more comfortable riding experience. It also has an ultra-wide 27-inch media display. It can control the vehicle's infotainment system, manage the automatic climate control system, as well other comfort functionality features.

There are three modes to choose from while inside the EV9. First up is the Active Mode which serves as the standard-setting – making sure the driver and passengers have an optimal driving experience.

Kia previews three-row electric SUV with EV9 Concept image

The second mode is called Pause which transforms the interior into a lounge. In this mode, the seats switch around to enable occupants seated in the first-row and third-row to face each other. Meanwhile, the second-row seats fold down and become a table – completing the first-class lounge arrangement.

Last but not least is Enjoy Mode which opens up the interior by turning around the three-row seat configuration. Here, the tailgate opens which gives all occupants the opportunity to connect with the outside environment to gaze ahead and beyond the vehicle while sitting inside the all-electric SUV.

Kia previews three-row electric SUV with EV9 Concept image

Kia did not specify the EV9's electric powertrain. However, they did say that it is capable of traveling up to 483 km on a single charge. When recharging with a 350-kW charging cable, it can easily recharge from 10% to 80% in just 20 to 30 minutes.

With Kia already finding success with the EV6, the EV9 concept could be a taste of things to come from the automaker. Here's to hoping that the production version will be as stylish and eye-catching as the concept.