Lamborghini's first-ever PHEV supercar is sold out for the next two years

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Lamborghini just announced that the first orders for the electrified Raging Bull are sold out and units manufactured for the next two years are also spoken for. So if you’ve been putting off ordering one for yourself, tough luck as you have to wait at least until the middle of 2025 for the order books to reopen.

This is an impressive feat despite the fact that the Lamborghini Revuelto was only launched earlier this year. With a new 6.5-liter V12 churning out 825 PS with 725 Nm of torque, along with three electric motors that provide a total system output of over 1000 PS, this electrified bull is proof Lamborghini can make plug-in hybrid (PHEV) supercars in the electrified era.

Lambo Reveulto sold out 2 years image

Apart from the fact that this is the first plug-in hybrid Raging Bull made by the folks over in Sant’Agata Bolognese, it is also the first vehicle to use a new production process called Manifattura Lamborghini Next Level. According to Lamborghini, the production system make use of old-school craftsmanship with new modern assembly processes.

The company believes that no matter the advantages and speed brought by automation, the craftsmanship of humans still plays a vital role in vehicle production, particularly with Lamborghinis. But with the help of the Manufacturing Executive System (MES) and Manifaturra 4.0, machines and cobots (collaborative robots) help human workers during each step-by-step process. The cooperation between man and machine leads to a significant reduction in errors while also speeding up production speed without sacrificing quality.

Lambo Reveulto sold out 2 years image

“To manufacture the Revuelto, we understood we had to go above and beyond. It’s a highly customizable hybrid car, yet it’s built using traditional handcrafted skills. We raised the bar to produce it, creating what we call Manifattura Lamborghini Next Level: a production system with people always at its core but which we adapted to deliver a much more complex product and to integrate processes we haven’t used before. With the introduction of the Revuelto, we expanded the area occupied by the company facilities by 172,000 square meters, investing €150 million in the local area here in Sant’Agata Bolognese,” said Ranieri Niccoli, Chief Manufacturing Officer at Automobili Lamborghini.

Lamborghini added that the MES system harmoniously manages some of the most advanced and futuristic technological tools, especially the cobots. These collaborative robots are used on all the lines (engines, assembly, and upholstery) that require repetitive actions, such as windshield assembly for example. They also have a special feature in which they make it possible to vastly eliminate the proportion of inaccuracies or errors in the activities carried out.

Lambo Reveulto sold out 2 years image

With carbon fiber playing a key role in Lamborghini vehicles, the automaker also expanded its CFK plant. Since the Revuelto uses the lightweight composite material for its tub and body, the automaker expanded and upgraded the CFK factory to 16,200 square meters. Currently, between CFK and assembly, some 500 production operators are dedicated to the Revuelto.

With Lamborghini busy producing and building Revueltos for awaiting customers, those that want to get one will have to wait for another two years before The House of The Raging Bull accepts new orders.