One agency to rule them all

Each new administration brings its own fresh traffic game plan, which means there really has been no solid plan that everyone sticks to for the long term. Congressman Joey Sarte Salceda wants to change that with his proposed House Bill 682 AKA An Act Establishing The Policies for the Formulation of the National Transportation Strategy for the Philippines to 2050, and for other purposes. 

Yep, it's quite a mouthful to say but what it simply means is this, the good Congressman wants continuity in our transportation programs. Under the bill is a proposal to put together a committee to oversee the country's long-term transportation plans. He cited that developed countries like Japan, Canada, and even the United States of America have put up planning and development of transportation systems and infrastructure under one ministry or department for optimum coordination and program implementation. 

The success of these systems has inspired the lawmaker to apply certain aspects of these systems to our local departments and believes in having one single master plan. If needed, certain branches of the government may be merged to create one efficient agency that stays intact until 2050. This agency will align with the global mandate by world leaders for zero emissions. 

Lawmaker wants one agency for all transportation concerns image

A huge part of the bill enumerates the tasks of the proposed National Transportation Strategy for the Philippines of NTSP. Here are some that are worth noting:

Section 2, Letter E - Develop domestic and international connections for the country’s transportation and public works system. It could mean more developments for our local ports which could be used as an entry point for foreign tourists like what we reported earlier in the RHD article

Section 2, Letter F - Update, review, and unify local government transportation standards and policies. The NTSP sets the new and updated standards to be implemented by the DOTr on a nationwide scale and the LGUs at the city level. 

Section 3 - NTSP will bring the local transportation level to the world stage and raise it. All master plans will be well-thought-out and brought to international grade standards. All plans will be revisited after 10 years to make sure everything is still relevant and up-to-date. 

Section 4 Letter D - Use of the Land-Maritime-Waterways in the overall planning. The NTSP utilizes routes on the water to help alleviate and decongest traffic in highly urbanized areas. 

Lawmaker wants one agency for all transportation concerns image

The rest of the bill sees agencies merging into one to become more efficient under the NTSP. A more streamlined system without the “fat” will make a more competent and progressive thinking agency that will lead the way to make all our roads for motorists.