The Lexus LM's twin is about to be revealed

Last month, Lexus officially revealed the all-new LM at Auto Shanghai 2023. Looking more lavish and opulent than its predecessor, the next-generation luxury MPV gets a new adaptive variable suspension to maximize riding comfort, a redesigned dashboard, and a center console complete with a pair of screens, and a more elegant-looking exterior.

But while this is all well and good, where is the all-new Toyota Alphard from which the next-generation LM is based on? Wonder no more as Toyota is getting ready to launch it very soon. In fact, several photos of the all-new Alphard have just been leaked online.

Beginning with the most obvious first, the new generation Alphard will have a different look compared to the LM. The Alphard comes with a slightly larger grille that appears to dominate the entire front end of the vehicle. Meanwhile, specially-designed grille inserts are finished in chrome to blend with the LED daytime running lights – resulting in a sleek and dynamic appearance. Last but not least are the horizontal LED headlights which greatly differ from the LM.

LEAKED: Is this the all-new 2024 Toyota Alphard? image

Also different is the rear section of the luxury MPV. Based on pictures from what appears to be a product training session, the all-new Alphard will have full-width LED taillights. But unlike the LM's unique curved design, the one on the Alphard looks like it will have a traditional look.

Like the LM, the Alphard will have restyled cabin complete with what looks like a pair of screens – one serves as the touchscreen media display while the other is the digital instrument panel. Also new are the center console and the gear selector.

LEAKED: Is this the all-new 2024 Toyota Alphard? image

Powertrain details are not yet available. But since the LM and Alphard are platform siblings, we won't be surprised if the naturally-aspirated V6 will also be dropped for the Alphard. That means we can expect the new generation MPV to get a new 2.4-liter turbocharged hybrid with eAxle and the carried-over 2.5-liter inline-four with E-Four. If we're right about this one, the all-new Alphard will be available with AWD for the first time.

LEAKED: Is this the all-new 2024 Toyota Alphard? image

With no details yet as to when Toyota will actually reveal it, we can only hope that it will be launched very soon. But given that the automaker has already held a product training session, perhaps we're only just a few weeks away before the grand reveal. Fingers crossed our estimation is right.

Source: Car and Drive Japan