The JAOS-modifed Land Cruiser 300 looks really good

The new Lexus LX isn’t the only SUV modified by JAOS Corporation for the Tokyo Auto Salon. The LX’s Toyota sibling, the new Land Cruiser 300 also received a makeover from the famous Japanese off-road tuner.

Less is more: JAOS modifies the Land Cruiser 300 image

Unmodified, the new Land Cruiser 300 already looks very tough, especially against other models in the segment. JAOS however, managed to make it look even more aggressive and rugged without being over the top. The modifications by JAOS also keep the Land Cruiser practical for street use, as compared to the Arctic Trucks model we saw last year.

JAOS only made a few modifications to the Land Cruiser 300, but it was enough to improve the design. According to the spec sheet, the exterior add-ons include a JAOS bumper Front Bumper Guard, JAOS Fender Garnish, and JAOS Door Hand Protectors. The bottom of the rear bumper and the side sills are painted black to match the rest of the upgrades. A Battle Z muffler was also fitted to make it look even more aggressive.

Less is more: JAOS modifies the Land Cruiser 300 image

The factory wheels were then swapped out for 20-inch JAOS Tribe Cross wheels wrapped in chunky Toyo Open Country R/T tires. It may not seem obvious but the Land Cruiser also benefits from a slight lift as JAOS fitted Battle Z lift up springs. Other additions included five roof-mounted LED lights and the signature JAOS mud flaps.

Less is more: JAOS modifies the Land Cruiser 300 image

Like the LX, there doesn’t appear to be any changes in the cabin or under the hood of the new Land Cruiser. These are very luxurious and powerful from the factory already.

What do you think of the JAOS modified Land Cruiser 300 compared to other aftermarket modified units? Do you think we’ll see several examples here in the Philippines? We hope so.