With a familiar Stallone movie storyline

It looks like Lewis Hamilton has found something to do once he's done with Formula One.

Apple Original Films has reportedly confirmed to have secured the rights to do a racing-themed film where Hollywood star Brad Pitt will serve as the main actor, while Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton will be the producer.

But wait, there's more. Apparently, the film will also have an ensemble team responsible for making Top Gun: Maverick the highest-grossing Tom Cruise movie of all time – Director Joseph Kosinski, screenplay writer Ehren Kruger and film producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

While sports-based documentaries and biopics like Ron Howard's Rush and Netflix's Formula 1: Drive To Survive have received positive responses, the upcoming movie's storyline somehow plays a familiar tune of an early 2000s Sylvester Stallone movie called Driven – a driver coming out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie driver against the titans of the sport.

Lewis Hamilton, Apple to produce F1 film starring Brad Pitt image

Back then, that particular film didn't sit well with critics and performed poorly at the box office because of obvious CG effects and plot dynamics. Not to mention, even Stallone himself regrets making it.

However, the recent Top Gun: Maverick was a smash hit thanks to the minimal use of CGI. If the producers manage to pull this off, then it may be a different story after all.