Lexus LM for PH could come with 2.5-liter NA hybrid during initial launch

Back at the 2023 Auto Shanghai, Lexus wowed us with next-level opulence in the all-new LM luxury MPV. But soon, we may no longer be admiring it from a distance.

We have information that Toyota Motor Philippines has received approval for a passenger vehicle that has a gasoline engine with an exact displacement of 2487cc. As we usually do with information like this, we run the numbers to see which one checks out. And apparently, it points to the A25A-FXS engine.

Lexus PH looking to offer all-new LM luxury MPV soon image

A25A-FXS engine from the Camry

It's a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine that belongs to the Toyota Dynamic Force engine family and was first used in the current-generation Camry sedan.

Since then, the particular engine is being used by a lot of current Toyota and Lexus models, but the dead giveaway is that the engine is paired to a vehicle with chassis code “AAWH15L-LFXVBM” and “AAWH15L-LNXXBM”. As we found out, the “AAWH” designation belongs to none other than the all-new Lexus LM.

Lexus PH looking to offer all-new LM luxury MPV soon image

Currently, this is the only approval we saw pointing directly at the all-new LM, which leads us to believe they may be looking to offer the luxury MPV in the LM350h variant in its initial launch. But while that's the case for the engine options, there's also the possibility of having the LM in both front-wheel-drive and E-Four all-wheel-drive variants based on the two different chassis codes.

Lexus Philippines could be very busy in the months ahead as we also found out their intentions of bringing the TX 7-seater crossover SUV and the rugged GX to the country. So if you're in the market for something premium, it won't hurt to wait for what Lexus has to offer.