Not so good news for Japanese customers who ordered a new Lexus LX

Customers who want to purchase a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 in Japan will have to wait a while before their unit arrives. Specifically, the automaker announced that deliveries might be delayed by four years. This has some Japanese customers thinking that the Land Cruiser’s more luxurious sibling, the new Lexus LX, could be faster to acquire.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Lexus Japan has announced that as of February 18, the new LX will also come with a very long waiting list. Like the new Land Cruiser 300, customers could wait up to four years before deliveries of the LX begins. However, the company says it is doing its best to shorten delivery times.

According to an announcement, the delay is due to a parts shortage caused by the pandemic. As a result, the production of various Lexus vehicles (including the LX) has also been affected. Let’s not forget that there is also the ongoing chip shortage, which is affecting automakers around the world.

It’s not surprising that the Land Cruiser 300 and the LX have similar waiting times for deliveries in Japan. Both vehicles share some parts, including the platform, drivetrain, and powertrains. The two SUVs are also built in the same factory, which was temporarily shut down several times last year due to the pandemic and parts shortages.

Waiting four years for a vehicle is quite a hassle, and it can be frustrating for Japanese customers. In the Philippines, Lexus has yet to officially launch the new LX. But upon checking the website, we saw that the luxury SUV is now available for pre-order.

Hopefully, customers here won’t have to wait too long before their units arrive, or at least not four years.