LF-ZL concept by Lexus represents future EV flagship model

The LF-ZC wasn't the only electric concept Lexus revealed at the recently concluded 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Also making its presence felt was the LF-ZL concept, and it's Lexus' idea of an all-electric EV SUV.

Billed by Lexus as a flagship BEV (battery electric vehicle) concept for an electrified future, the LF-ZL aims to offer a “prestigious” ownership experience without the guilt of carbon emissions. It features a stylish and imposing design that previews Lexus' new design philosophy. It largely shares the overall look of the LF-ZC concept albeit it has more styling elements derived from crossover SUVs.

Lexus LF-ZL image

In terms of size, the LF-ZL is massive. It spans 5300mm long, has a width of 2020mm, and is 1700mm tall. If those are not enough, the vehicle also has an impressive 3350mm wheelbase which means passengers seated at the back will not have to worry about legroom which we'll get to in a bit.

Open the doors and the LF-ZL greets occupants with a tech-laden cabin. Much like the LF-ZC, the EV SUV concept comes with a yoke steering along with a small touchpad on the left side that serves as the gear selector. There's also the massive touchscreen media display in front of the passenger although the driver does come with a small media display on his own just right of the steering yoke.

Lexus LF-ZL image

Speaking of infotainment, serving as its centerpiece is an intelligent operating system (OS) dubbed Arene. Not only does it allow continuous updates of in-car functions, but it also delivers a personalized experience for the driver as it serves as an intelligent companion for the driver. It can learn and anticipate a driver's needs and driving characteristics like acceleration and handling, as well as their daily preference and mood.

Last but not least are the seats themselves. While the seats at the front look high-tech, the ones on the rear have a lounge-like recliner-style design that comes with ottomans for a more relaxing ride experience. And just like the LF-ZC, generous use of bamboo fibers, bamboo threads, and bamboo trim pieces can be found throughout the interior of the LF-ZL.

Lexus LF-ZL image

The LF-ZL may still be a concept vehicle, but it looks like Lexus may plan on making a production version soon. But unlike the LF-ZC which will spawn a production version as early as 2026, Lexus has yet to reveal an exact timeline as to when the LF-ZL will become a production vehicle. Perhaps we'll have to wait for a few more years before it becomes a reality. Let's hope the production version is as good-looking (and high-tech) as the concept.