Even comes with high-performance tires and OEM wheels

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Acura has just revealed a unique trailer and it’s actually based on an actual NSX that was sliced in half. It’s now being towed behind an NSX Type S that joined the 2023 One Lap of America, a 5,149-km road rally event that runs from May 6 until May 13.

But did Acura actually cut an NSX in half just so it could serve as a sporty trailer for the road rally event? In reality, the custom-fabricated support trailer was originally meant to be scrapped as it was a test mule for Acura. Rather than having to destroy it, however, Acura decided it would be better to just cut up the test mule in half and use it to carry spare tires, tools, and fluids for the road rally event.

LOOK: Acura just built a trailer out of an NSX image

According to Acura, the one-of-a-kind NSX trailer was constructed by the ADC fabrication team and comes with barn doors to provide easier access to equipment. It also gets lightweight HRE wheels and Falken high-performance tires in order to keep up with the 600 PS NSX Type S. Last but not least, the special trailer has a rear crash bar that accommodates the hitch receiver and a reverse camera that connects to the infotainment system for easier parking.

When we saw the opportunity to build a trailer out of an Acura NSX supercar we thought, ‘Why not?’” said Justyn Bobinski, Vehicle Dynamics and Brake System Engineer at Honda’s North American Auto Development Center. “There was no hesitation from the passionate associates at the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC), ADC fabrication, or the rest of our Honda of America Racing Team (HART) in supporting this unconventional idea.”

LOOK: Acura just built a trailer out of an NSX image

Love it or loathe it, you’ve got to hand it to the guys over at Acura and Honda for actually coming up with this unique support trailer for the NSX Type S. Kudos to them for actually saving the test mule and transforming it into what could be the coolest supercar trailer there is.