New prices reflected in filling stations today

Last week's fuel price adjustments brought diesel prices down compared to gasoline... as it should be. But that period was short-lived based on the latest pump price adjustments today.

Oil players in the country added PHP 8.65 per liter on diesel, while gasoline prices increased by PHP 3.40 per liter. This brought diesel prices on par with gasoline fuel products once again.

While making our way to the office, we saw multiple gas stations with diesel prices hovering around PHP 70 to PHP 71 per liter, and unleaded gasoline at around PHP 71 to PHP 72 per liter. Most of these stations are located in Manila or Quezon City; some areas will have different fuel prices.

Look: Diesel matches gasoline again image

In the CleanFuel gas station at the corner of Piy Margal street in the City of Manila, diesel is cheaper than gasoline by only PHP 0.75 per liter. CleanFuel was one of the first oil companies who announced their price adjustments yesterday.

Look: Diesel matches gasoline again image

The same price difference between diesel and unleaded fuel was also reflected in the Seaoil gas station near the Wilcon Depot in Quezon Avenue. However, diesel and gasoline prices are cheaper here compared to CleanFuel. Furthermore, users of the Seaoil PriceLOCQ app could still get cheaper prices if they stored fuel in their “virtual tanks” before the new oil prices were imposed.

Look: Diesel matches gasoline again image

Over at the Unioil gas station in Tatalon, Quezon City, there's only a PHP 0.60 difference between their diesel and 91 octane unleaded fuel products, with their most expensive 97 octane fuel priced at PHP 74.60 per liter. S&R cardholders, however, can get a PHP 2.50 per liter discount on diesel, PHP 3.00 per liter discount on 91 octane, and PHP 5.00 per liter discount on 95 and 97 octane once they show their membership cards.

We previously made a feature on where to get other fuel discounts that you should check out. Those would really come in handy, especially with today's fuel prices.