Here's your first look at the upcoming Lotus electric SUV

Right before the holidays last year, Geely made a huge announcement. As part of the company's plan to relaunch the Lotus brand, they will be revealing an electric SUV in 2022. Not only does this signify Lotus' switch to building and selling only zero-emission vehicles, but it will also signal the brand's shift to producing more vehicles.

Lotus Type 132 electric SUV revealed in patent images image

While details about the upcoming electric SUV are still scarce, we do know that it's tentatively called the Type 132. Lotus also mentioned that it will be an E-segment SUV, meaning it will go up against the likes of the Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport, and Audi Q7. But what we really want to know is what will Lotus' electric SUV look like.

Luckily for us, patent images of the aforementioned EV have been released. Based on the pictures, the Type 132 will have an interesting design. For starters, it gets a radical-looking exterior that's dominated by an aggressive front fascia. It also has what appears to be air ducts on the front hood that look to be part of an aero package.

Lotus Type 132 electric SUV revealed in patent images image

Also worth mentioning are the turbine-style alloy wheels, full-width LED taillights, a two-piece roof spoiler, muscular rear quarter fenders, pop-out door handles, and what appears to be a LiDAR system

Like all other future EVs by Lotus, the Type 132 will be built in a new factory in China that's expected to produce 150,000 vehicles annually. But don't expect the Type 132 to be the brand's sole electric SUV. In the future, Lotus said it will be joined by the Type 134, a new D-segment SUV.

Lotus Type 132 electric SUV revealed in patent images image

There's no exact date yet as to when Lotus will reveal the Type 132. Though given that we've already seen the patent images, we might not have to wait too long.