LTO to offer free Theoretical Driving Course monthly

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) wants more qualified drivers on the road. But since not all student driver applicants are financially capable to pay for the Theoretical Driving Course (TDC), the LTO will offer it for free to a limited number of students every month starting today.

"The LTO recognizes that not all Filipinos have the financial means to cover TDC fees, which is why we have arranged for the provision of complimentary TDCs at our regional offices. While we can only accommodate a limited number of students, this initiative demonstrates the agency's dedication to increasing the number of qualified drivers on the road, in partnership with our affiliated driving schools," said LTO Chief Jayart Tugade.

After this month and every month thereafter, the LTO will hold free TDCs in all of its offices around the country as part of the agency’s initiative to mold safe and defensive drivers on the road.

The free TDCs coincide with the LTO 111th anniversary and should help encourage student permit applicants to transact directly with the LTO and its employees, not with fixers.

"We wish to emphasize that the TDC is a prerequisite for all student permit applicants, and the agency is working diligently to make it accessible to those without the financial means to do so. This is an effort to discourage applicants from resorting to fixers. Engaging with fixers is not only a financial waste but also results in unqualified and unskilled drivers on our roads," added Tugade.