EDSA Bus Lane will be also be guarded by LTO flying squad

The EDSA Bus Carousel (AKA: bus lane) has been established by the government to rapidly move commuters by dedicating a lane specifically for buses on the main artery of Metro Manila. It’s been there for quite a few years now yet a lot of drivers and motorcycle riders continue to ignore the exclusivity of this lane and many times inhibit the flow of commuters.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) had enough of these unruly motorists and will deploy additional personnel to assist the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in enforcing the bus lane.

LTO to help MMDA in apprehending bus lane violators image

“It has already become a habit of a lot of motorists to abuse the EDSA Bus Carousel. We recognize the limited manpower of the MMDA to strictly enforce and while the LTO has the same problem, we will tap some of our enforcers to reinforce our brothers in the MMDA in keeping an eye on the EDSA Bus Carousel,” said LTO Chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II.

Mendoza also vowed to immediately penalize those who violate the EDSA bus lane.

The MMDA has repeatedly warned motorists that no private vehicles may use the EDSA Bus Carousel lane or the innermost lanes of EDSA. This lane has been reserved for city buses and vehicles being used for emergency response like ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars.

The difference with the LTO, however, is that they can actually confiscate driver's licenses while the MMDA does not. 

Will this make a difference? A lot of motorists continue to defy these rules amid repeated requests and warnings. Will this act of the LTO also include the apprehension of private vehicles and their escorts with blinkers and sirens or wang wang – possibly from politicians – that continue to use the bus lane to avoid the traffic congestion along EDSA?