The Mission X is Porsche’s reinterpretation of an electric hypercar

Porsche previews the future of their sports cars with the Mission X concept unveiled at the ‘75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars’ exhibition at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

The Mission X is the marque’s reinterpretation of a two-seater hypercar with Le Mans-style doors that open upwards to the front and a high-performance, efficient electric powertrain.

Mission X will be Porsche’s fastest, road-legal EV on Nürburgring image

“The Porsche Mission X is a technology beacon for the sports car of the future. It picks up the torch of iconic sports cars of decades past: like the 959, the Carrera GT, and the 918 Spyder before it, the Mission X provides a critical impetus for the evolutionary development of future vehicle concepts. Daring to dream and dream cars are two sides of the same coin for us: Porsche has only remained Porsche by constantly changing,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG.

Porsche aims to make Mission X the fastest, road-legal vehicle in the Nürburgring Nordschleife. To achieve this, it gets a compact body measuring 4,500 mm long, 2,000 mm wide, and 1,200 high, and with a wheelbase of 2,730 mm. Adding aerodynamic efficiency are the 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels.

Mission X will be Porsche’s fastest, road-legal EV on Nürburgring image

The body rocks a Rocket Metallic color with carbon weaves in a satin finish below the beltline. It gets transparent aero blades on the rear axle which act like turbines to cool off the brakes. The roof is an exoskeleton made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics to reduce weight, while the Le Mans-style doors open forwards and upwards. To make it stand out from other Porsches, the light signature of the Mission X gets a modern version of what was seen in the 906 and 908. The slim LED light modules open up like an eye blinking open. At the rear is a full-length light unit with a floating effect paired with transparent, illuminated Porsche lettering. While charging, the ‘E’ of the Porsche lettering pulsates

Porsche’s revised crest debuts in the Mission X concept. It uses brushed precious metal with a three-dimensional honeycomb structure, a refreshed heraldic beast, and a subtle gold color.

Mission X will be Porsche’s fastest, road-legal EV on Nürburgring image

“The Mission X is a clear commitment to the core of the brand. The continuing, enhanced expression of our brand and product identity is an important compass for us to navigate the development of our series-production models. The concept study symbolizes a symbiosis of unmistakable motorsport DNA with a luxurious overall impression,” said Michael Mauer, Head of Style Porsche.

Mission X will be Porsche’s fastest, road-legal EV on Nürburgring image

Inside are two seats with different colors (the driver’s seat is finished in Kalahari Gray) and leather pads and the passenger seat is in Andalusia Brown. It has an open-top, multi-function steering wheel, and shift paddles. A cabin highlight is a bayonet system embedded in the instrument panel to which a stopwatch module can be attached. The clocks in the cabin are designed for both the racetrack and rally use and can display the lap times or vital data of the driver, among other information.

The powertrain details are still vague, but Porsche is firm about several details:

  • It should be the fastest road-legal vehicle around the Nürburgring Nordschleife
  • Have a power-to-weight ratio of roughly one PS per kilogram; achieve downforce values that are well over those delivered by the current 911 GT3 RS
  • Offer significantly improved charging performance with its 900-volt system architecture and charge roughly twice as quickly as Porsche’s current frontrunner, the Taycan Turbo S.

Mission X will be Porsche’s fastest, road-legal EV on Nürburgring image

There is no firm timetable for its production and release but when it comes out, it will be the Porsche that sets the blueprint for the automaker’s future sports cars.